Friday Night Delights // No. 1


Note: As I begin this blog, I’ll be toying around with different kinds of posts. For now, Friday Night Delights will be a column about drinks and cocktails to enjoy on the weekend. The name is spin on that of one of my favorite TV shows, NBC’s Friday Night Lights. The show is centered around a small, fictional town in Texas where everyone spends their Friday nights watching high school football. If you’re turning up your nose at the word ‘football’… Please. My dad is still trying to teach me what a ‘touchback’ is. So, watch it! It’s shot beautifully, and the story will reel you in straight away. Anyway, my favorite Friday nights are usually spent drinking cocktails with friends — not watching high school football — so that’s what I’ll aim to do here each week. 

Thanks to Winter Storm Hercules, we got four inches of snow in Washington, D.C. last night, and I hear the New England states got it way worse. However, nothing will get a Southern girl’s hopes up like the prospect of a few snowflakes. (Usually, my heart is broken into a million pieces when the snowstorm somehow swings north and only sends me freezing rain.) But this time, the weather came through for me! Yesterday, we watched snowflakes float down and stick (!) to the ground beginning in the early afternoon. I might have been the only person in the D.C. metro area who was remotely excited about it, but my inner North Carolinian will forever find joy in this lovely white stuff. I woke up this morning to a lovely, serene blanket of soft, white snow. Thankfully, my family was able to get on their way back to North Carolina this morning, but I am staying here for another week to house-sit. Luckily for me, I have a few friends who happen to be visiting D.C. this weekend too, so I have some exciting, snowy adventures ahead of me! It’s supposed to be very cold — for a Southerner, anyway — so I’ll be sure to warm up with one of these cocktails tonight. It’s one of my go-to drinks this time of year! (And all year, let’s be real.) // susannah

See the list after the jump…


On a cold, wintery night, a little kick will help you warm up — but a blanket or fireplace helps too. This cocktail is a good winter remedy. If you’re nursing a cold, the lime and the bourbon will soothe your throat. Also, the ginger has healing qualities for upset stomachs, but this cocktail is fantastic if you’re healthy too. The addition of candied ginger here gives this cocktail a little extra spiciness, plus it’s something to nibble on once the drink is gone.

Makes four cocktails


  • 4 oz. Kentucky bourbon, such as Bulleit
  • 4 glasses filled with ice
  • 1 can (12 ounces) ginger ale
  • 4 lime wedges
  • 4 pieces candied ginger (optional)


Pour 1 oz. bourbon into each ice-filled glass. Divide ginger ale among glasses. Squeeze one lime wedge into each glass. Garnish with candied ginger and serve immediately.


2 thoughts on “Friday Night Delights // No. 1

  1. This drink sounds great! I actually have a little Makers Mark left over from a get together over the holidays. I may be on my way to a toasty bourbon + ginger cocktail tonight. I’m always at a loss for what to mix, so I can’t wait to see what other drinks you share!

    • Yes! I tried this with Maker’s Mark over the holidays and it works just as well! You can also substitute lemon or omit the citrus altogether. Let me know what you think!

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