Kitchen Road Trip: Arkansas


This week, we’re taking Kitchen Road Trip to Arkansas. My only memory of Arkansas is stopping there, briefly, during a road trip. Someone in my family figured out there was a town named Brinkley (my last name!) along the highway and we decided spontaneously to stop there. It was at night, so we only stayed long enough to eat a quick dinner, take a picture in front of a sign with our name on it and get stopped by quite possibly the longest, slowest train in the world. Though I didn’t get to explore any of Little Rock, Fayetteville or the back country, it still counts as a state visit by my standards. Although, I’d like to go back and have some of the culinary experiences that Arkansas is known for — watermelon, barbecue, cornbread, purple milkshakes… Well, I’m not so sure about that last one, but my friend Emmie tells me it’s true. Many thanks for your help on this one, Em! // Susannah

See the full list after the jump…


1. Pom Pom Bouquet by Steph Loves Ben* ($18) // 2. Woody’s B-B-Q Dry Rub Gift Set* ($16) // 3. Custom Leather Koozie* ($15) // 4. Mason Jar Shot Glasses ($12.99 for set of 4) // 5. Le Creuset Signature 6 1/3″ Iron Handle Skillet in Cassis ($90) // 6. ‘Arkansas Pie’ Cookbook by Kat Robinson ($19.99) // 7. ‘Whiskey Me Away’ Print by Perrodin Supply Co.* ($28) // 8. J&M Original Cheese Straws* ($6.40) // 9. Rock Town Distillery Arkansas Apple Pie Lightning ($18.99) // 10. Kuhn Rikon Melon Nonstick Knife Colori ($25)

*Made in Arkansas

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