Kitchen Road Trip: Arizona


This week’s Kitchen Road Trip brings us to Arizona. Ah, the Southwest. It’s home to one of my favorite things: Mexican-American food. It is also home to one of my least favorite things: heat. (Yes, I know it’s a “dry heat,” but really I have no concept of what that is, but I sure could take a little right now!) I drove through Arizona on a road trip, and we stopped at the Grand Canyon, but I haven’t spent any time exploring anything else. However, I am so inspired by all the bright colors and patterns I came across while researching this list. I also stumbled across a number of shops and restaurants to which I want to go, and I’m in luck because I owe my aunt a visit to see her in Phoenix! Plus, I’m dying to go back to the Grand Canyon, and I’d love to check out Sedona, too (pictured above). Hope this list warms  you up a little bit… //susannah


1. Felted Planter ($21) // 2. Goldwater’s Sedona Red Salsa* ($6) // 3. ‘Quick & Easy Mexican Cooking’ Cookbook ($22.95) // 4. Jill Bliss Succulents Journal ($10.95) // 5. Prickly Pear Cactus Candy Squares* ($9.97) // 6. Color Block Pillow* ($48) // 7. Queen Creek Olive Mill Tuscan Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil* ($18.95) // 8. Refresh Glass Recycled Glass Carafe* ($15) // 9. GIR Red Silicone Spatula ($22.50) // 10. Lucy Darling ‘4 Cactuses’ Print* ($24.99)

*Made in Arizona

Photo of Sedona, Ariz. by puliarf / Flickr


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