Kitchen Road Trip: Alaska


This week’s Kitchen Road Trip takes us to the Last Frontier — Alaska. When I was in college, I went on two Spring Break service-learning trips with a team of other students from my university. We spent the week exploring glaciers, hiking in the forest, going crabbing, watching for wildlife and learning about life in Alaska, but the best part was tutoring kids in a small Native American fishing village. These trips opened my eyes to a lot of issues in education and the environment, and I’ll never forget how beautiful it is there. Ever since I left, I’ve been wishing I could go back, so I was really excited to work on this week’s post. With these posts, I try to find as many items as I can that are local to the state I’m covering, but in Alaska’s case this proved more difficult (perhaps because of its location, weather or smaller population) so I opted for a few more items inspired by the state this time. Alaska is very near and dear to my heart, so I hope you enjoy these finds as much as I do! (I’m so obsessed with those plates, by the way…) // susannah

See the list after the jump…


1. Glacier Ball ice mold ($29.99 for two) // 2. Truuli Vodka* ($42.99) // 3. West Elm Dapper Animal Plates ($8 each) // 4. Organic Alaska Pure Birch Breakfast Syrup* ($12) // 5. Alaska Rug Company Rope Trivet* ($20) // 6. IKEA Drömmar Cookie Cutters ($2.99) // 7. Alaska Pure Alder-Smoked Sea Salt* ($12) // 8. Zeroll Original Ice Cream Scoop ($18.64) // 9. The New Alaska Cookbook ($14.91) // 10. Glacier Bay National Park Poster by Anderson Design Group ($39)

*Alaska product

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